Paul Rudd Destroys Robert Downey Jr. in New AGBO Trash Talk Fantasy Football Video

Paul Rudd destroys Robert Downey in a new AGBO fantasy football music video. Rudd has brought his trash talking skills to a whole new level in his rendition of Black Sabbath’s classic song “Iron Man.” The Ant-Man actor took some liberties with the lyrics and made sure to add a healthy dose of the ABGO Superhero League into the song. The stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been playing fantasy football together for the past two years now, but it looks like all bets are off this year.

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Paul Rudd dishes it out to Robert Downey Jr., though the Iron Man actor has been known to throw down when he has to. It just appears that last week’s set of games didn’t help his fantasy football playing. Though Rudd is talking smack, he does pepper in some positivity with a line like, “I love you 3000 but you’re going to lose to an ant.” The video is hilarious, even for MCU fans who don’t know anything about the National Football League or fantasy football.

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In the “Iron Man” video, Paul Rudd takes on the role of each Black Sabbath member and even wears some of the same clothing that the band wore in the original music video from 1970. Rudd is singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, Bassist Geezer Butler, and drummer Bill Ward, as he performs in front of a green screen, which shows off some graphics from the original Black Sabbath video, along with some 2020 football stats that drive his point home. Robert Downey Jr. posted the video on his own personal Twitter account earlier this week.

Paul Rudd’s video was in retaliation to Robert Downey Jr.’s latest threat. In his video from October 4th, Downey Jr. promised that he was going to find Rudd’s “hipster” candy shop, buy it, lease it to himself, and then eat every last piece of candy in the store. The video is enhanced with animated versions of Rudd crying and ends with one of Rudd curled up while sucking his thumb. Downey Jr. did say that he loves his Avengers: Endgame co-star by the end of the video.

The ABGO Superhero League gets together every year for some trash talking fantasy football fun. In addition, the Marvel Cinematic Universe stars end up donating a lot of money to their charities in the process, as long as they keep winning. However, all of the trash talk ends up bringing even more awareness for said charities. With a $1,250,000 donation from FanDuel, a leader in the fantasy sports industry and this year’s exclusive presenting sponsor, Season Two of the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League is raising the stakes with new and returning players competing for a more than ten times larger prize pool than the inaugural season. $1,000,000 will be awarded to the charities selected by the ‘superhero’ league participants, based in part on their standings. You can check out Paul Rudd’s video above, thanks to the AGBO YouTube channel.

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