Don’t Breathe 2 Wraps Filming with Stephen Lang

Don’t Breathe 2 appears to be in the can as star Stephen Lang has wrapped filming his scenes for the upcoming horror sequel. Taking to Twitter this week, Lang posted a photo of a few Don’t Breathe 2 shirts, revealing to his followers that he has finished his work on the project. “I’m wrapped! A splendidly rugged shoot. Thank you Belgrade. All health and safety protocols observed to the letter. Well done all!” Lang writes.

The first Don’t Breathe was a sleeper hit when it was initially released in 2016. Fede Alvarez directed the movie using a screenplay co-written with Rodo Sayagues, and horror masterminds Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert co-produced. The movie follows three friends who break into a blind man’s home with the hopes of scoring easy money, only to wind up fighting for their lives when the man traps them inside and starts taking them out one by one. Lang expertly played the lethal blind man, and Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, and Daniel Zovatto also starred.

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Most horror movies seem to be shunned by critics, but Don’t Breathe did very well, managing to grab a score of 88% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences loved the way the movie leaned on suspense more than merely trying to build a body count, and the way the characters needed to stay silent like their lives depended on it made for some incredibly tense scenes. The low budget movie scored big at the box office as well, turning a huge profit and opening the door for a story to continue with a sequel.

After the success of Don’t Breathe, Stephen Lang announced that production had begun on a sequel. While details remain unclear, Raimi has referred to the pitch as the “greatest idea for a sequel I’ve ever heard.” Co-writer Rodo Sayagues took the reins as director for the sequel, though Alvarez remained on board to serve as a producer. Lang was also confirmed to be involved with the project, so we know we’ll be seeing more of the blind man. It’s not entirely clear if Levy will be featured in the sequel as well.

It has been reported that the plan for the sequel, dubbed Don’t Breathe Again, will be releasing around fall 2021. Because it seems that the cast and crew are wrapping up filming, the movie is on track to actually see a release next year. The same can’t be said for many other movies that have since been pushed back from 2021 to 2022 with production delays continuing to plague the industry. Anticipated blockbusters like The Batman and Jurassic World: Dominion have officially been postponed, and it’s hard to say what next year is going to look like at the movie theaters. At the least, we’ll most likely be getting the Don’t Breathe sequel.

An official release date for Don’t Breathe Again has not yet been named. With Lang wrapping up on set, hopefully we’ll be finding out more information about the story soon, or even get a first look. This news comes to us from Stephen Lang on Twitter.

Jon Fuge at Movieweb

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