Jason Momoa Made a Surprise Appearance on Last Night’s SNL

Aquaman star Jason Momoa made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, providing one of the most amusing moments from the show’s newest episode. The second episode of season 46, the show was hosted by comedian Bill Burr, marking his first time hosting. Country singer Morgan Wallen was initially set as the musical guest, but he was pulled from the show days before, replaced at the last minute by Jack White.

One sketch has Beck Bennett playing fictional celebrity Benji Trunk, spoofing some of the black-and-white videos made by famous people this year on social media. “I’ve also got a bunch of fun auditions and really cool stuff coming up, but I’m here today because the state of the world is so awful,” Benji explains. “I can’t just sit back and be an actor anymore.”

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Beck’s character then launches a political rant in the form of a rap song called “Enough is Enough,” taking some verbal jabs at the president of the United States. After the diss track, Benji mentions how he’s also tagged Leonardo DiCaprio, Trevor Noah, and Jason Momoa with the hopes of getting “100 million views by midnight.”

Switching to color, the sketch then follows the actor after he’s posted the video online. It’s not long before he realizes he isn’t getting the reaction he was hoping for, as he starts getting calls with requests to take the video down immediately. After getting dumped by his girlfriend, Benji’s troubles escalate when he receives a video call from Jason Momoa on his cell phone.

“Is this the guy from the ‘Enough is Enough’ music video?” Momoa asks, clearly very agitated. “Untag me from that pathetic piece of s***! That was the saddest weakest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m watching it and I’m thinking to myself, ‘How the f*** did this guy even get to that age without dying? You need to take it down because it’s pathetic and you’re a loser.”

Still, despite everything, Benji sees the whole experience as a win. “It worked,” he exclaims. “Jason Momoa knows me!”

Momoa has been featured on SNL multiple times in the past. In 2018, he made his hosting debut during season 44 accompanied by Mumford and Sons as the musical guest. Last year, Momoa also appeared in another special appearance in a season 45 episode hosted by Chance the Rapper. That time, he appeared in a “Judge Barry” skit before introducing Chance’s second musical performance of the night. Given Jason Momoa’s continued popularity in pop culture, it’s likely he’ll be hosting the show again some day as well.

SNL will return with another new episode on Saturday with host Issa Rae and musical guest Justin Bieber. As for Momoa, we’ll be seeing more of the actor when Zack Snyder’s Justice League debuts on HBO Max in 2021. He also appears in Denis Veilleneuve’s Dune reboot, which is now coming to theaters next year. You never know when he’ll pop up on SNL either. The sketch video with Momoa’s latest surprise appearance comes to us from Saturday Night Live on YouTube.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb

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