Jim Carrey Is Jeff Goldblum’s The Fly in SNL Pence Vs. Harris Debate Sketch

Jim Carrey returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend for the show’s cold open segment, this time taking on Jeff Goldblum and his character in The Fly. In the season 46 premiere, Carrey made his debut as former vice president Joe Biden, mocking that week’s presidential debate with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. After last week’s vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, people have been filling up social media with posts about a fly that was spotted on Pence’s head, and we all knew SNL was going to have something to say about it as well.

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The cold open parodied the vice presidential debate as a whole, featuring Beck Bennett as Mike Pence and Emmy-winning performer Maya Rudolph returning as Kamala Harris. After the two trade some verbal jabs, it is revealed that Carrey’s Biden is watching along at home, unhappy with what he sees. Feeling that he needs to get involved, Biden decides to teleport himself to the debate stage using the same machine featured in David Cronenberg’s 1986 horror movie The Fly. Of course, a fly is also in the machine, transforming Biden’s DNA and turning him into the fly on Pence’s scalp.

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At first, the fly retains Biden’s head on its little insect body, with the presidential hopeful buzzing like an insect. Moments later, his appearance starts to change as he continues to morph into Goldblum, growing the actor’s hairstyle from The Fly and parodizing his mannerisms. Once the black frames form onto his face, Jim Carrey goes full Goldblum, no longer bearing any trace of Biden. Carrey’s Goldblum even goes so far as to start advertising Apartments.com, taking aim at what the star of The Fly has been up to on television lately. Meanwhile, Kenan Thompson appears in the end as as second fly, described as reincarnation of Herman Cain.

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the fly, many SNL fans were calling for Goldblum to personally play the insect. While that would have made for an amazing moment for Goldblum fans, Jim Carrey still managed to pull off the concept with his spot-on impression. Recently, Goldblum has been working in England on the set of the upcoming sequel Jurassic World: Dominion, reprising his classic Jurassic Park role as Ian Malcolm. This may be why he wasn’t available to personally appear, though it’s not known if he was even asked. At the least, Golblum still managed to entertain us this week by recreating his popular shirtless pose from the original Jurassic Park movie.

As we continue to inch closer to the presidential election, the coming weeks will likely bring plenty more political sketches with Jim Carrey as Joe Biden, beck Bennett as Mike Pence, Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris, and Alec Baldwin as Trump. After Bill Burr hosted the latest episode with Jack White as the musical guest, Issa Rae will be hosting next weekend’s episode along with musical guest Justin Bieber. New episodes air Saturday nights on NBC. The parody video with Carrey mocking Goldblum comes to us from Saturday Night Live on YouTube.

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