Adam Sandler Wants to Unite His Iconic Characters in an MCU-Style Sandlerverse Movie

Every movie studio in Hollywood is desperately trying to mimic the success of the MCU with their own take on the shared cinematic universe concept. Recently, Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix movie Hubie Halloween contained many easter eggs connecting the new film to Sandler’s earlier movies from the 90s. Does that mean fans could someday get a shared cinematic “Sandlerverse” where the actor’s many iconic comic characters come together like the comedy genre’s very own Avengers? In an interview with Yahoo!, Sandler was quite open to the idea.

“I’d like that, I just gotta get mentally prepared for that. So that’ll probably happen in another 35 years. We’re gonna get to that.”

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In Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler plays the role of the titular Hubie Dubois, a delicatessen owner who patrols the streets of his town every Halloween to ensure the revelries never get out of hand. This Halloween, however, Hubie discovers something much more sinister afoot than over-enthusiastic party-goers when actual monsters invade the town and set about causing chaos.

Now it is up to Hubie to convince the rest of the townfolk to get out their knives and pitchforks and come with him to hunt the monsters down. At different points in the adventure, Hubie comes across familiar names and faces from previous Adam Sandler comedies. Julie Bowen plays Hubie’s love interest, Violet Valentine, with initials V.V. in a callback to previous love interests Veronica Vaughn (Billy Madison), Virginia Venit (Happy Gilmore}), Vicki Vallencourt (The Waterboy), and Valerie Veran (Little Nicky).

There is also a bully named Andy O’Doyle, a red-haired menace who clearly belongs to the O’Doyle ruffians from Billy Madison. But easily the biggest cameo that the film managed to keep secret was Ben Stiller’s return in the role of Hal L., the menacing orderly from Happy Gilmore. Despite being rivals in the same comedy genre for most of their careers, Sandler revealed he is on excellent terms with Stiller, and all it took was a call to the other actor to make the cameo happen.

“[Ben is] a good friend of mine, I love him and our families are friends. We talked about it and knew we’d have a good time doing that.”

Sandler’s contract with Netflix to produce six movies for the streaming giant, of which Hubie Halloween is the last one, proved such a lucrative deal that the company has now extended the contract to include four new movies. Knowing how eager Netflix is to create their own franchises to rival Hollywood’s, some executives are sure to be excited by the idea of a “Sandlerverse” movie which includes the likes of Sandler’s Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Bobby Boucher, Little Nicky, Zohan, and now Hubie, all coming together to save the day.

Featuring a lead cast comprising of Adam Sandler, Noah Schnapp, Paris Berelc, Julie Bowen, Karan Brar, Kevin James, Maya Rudolph, June Squibb, Steve Buscemi, Shaquille O’Neal, and Ray Liotta, Hubie Halloween is currently streaming on Netflix. This news first appeared at

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