The 355 Posters: Jessica Chastain Leads an All-Star Spy Team

The 355 Posters: Jessica Chastain Leads an All-Star Spy Team

The 355 Posters: Jessica Chastain Leads an All-Star Spy Team

Universal Pictures has released the official posters for Simon Kinberg’s upcoming international spy adventure film The 355, spotlighting the star-studded cast led by Jessica Chastain and Lupita Nyong’o. The film is still scheduled to make its debut on January 25, 2021. Check out the full posters in the gallery below!

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The 355 follows a group of top female agents from government agencies around the globe as they try to stop an organization from acquiring a deadly weapon to send the world into chaos. It will be led by Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, and Bingbing Fan as well as Oscar winners Lupita Nyong’o and Penélope Cruz.

Chastain came up with the story idea and crafted it for the film, earning her a “Story by” credit. In an interview with Deadline, Chastain said she was inspired to come up with the story for the project in her time working on The Help, in which she loved working with the “female ensemble” and wanted to bring that environment back to life in the spy genre since Charlie’s Angels.

Chastain was also the driving force behind the cast in the film, having called all of them herself and offered the parts and receiving confirmations from all of them right away. The title, 355, comes from one of the very first spies in the United States during the American Revolution, who was also a woman, so Agent 355 has become slang for those in the CIA for a female spy, which Chastain learned while doing her research for 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty.

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The 355 is directed by Simon Kinberg from a script written by Theresa Kinberg. The film is produced by Chastain and Kelly Carmichael for Chastain’s Freckle Films and by Kinberg for his Genre Films. The film is executive produced by Richard Hewitt (Bohemian Rhapsody).

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