New York Sideshow Con Day 1 Reveals, Booth Tour & Sales!

Sideshow New York Con Day 1 Reveals, Booth Tour & Sales!

Sideshow New York Con Day 1 Reveals, Booth Tour & Sales!

The day has finally arrived for the start of Sideshow‘s 2020 New York Virtual Con in which the collectibles’ company is showing off new and exciting figures from the industry’s leading artists and manufacturers and the first booth tour and figures have been revealed! Both can be viewed below!

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While most physical conventions have moved entirely into the digital realm, Sideshow New York Con will recreate their bold custom-made installation that debuted during the summer show season, with updates to the format to keep fans engaged throughout the week. This secure and private environment captures the spirit of the incredible “pop culture art gallery” style presence that Sideshow traditionally exhibits at shows like New York Comic Con in order to augment the comprehensive virtual streaming experience for audiences at home.

“Once again, we’re building a bespoke physical space at Sideshow Studios – but this time in the form of an intimate museum/art gallery-style venue – with podium displays with fine art on the walls, and beautiful pop culture dioramas showcasing statues and figures by Sideshow, Hot Toys, PCS Collectibles, Iron Studios, Tweeterhead, Unruly Industries, Atomic Misfit, and more,” Sideshow PR Manager Andy Smith said in a statement. “Sideshow will be sharing a wealth of social media content throughout the event, including live-streamed booth tours, photos, interviews, and contests – and we’ll be showcasing different displays every single day!”

Sideshow Con’s summer 2020 swag bundle was an instant sell-out, with the fall swag bundle- complete with a collectible pin, an event T-shirt, and a promotional code- expected to be equally as popular. Fans who purchase this limited edition swag bundle will also receive a free bonus Stan Lee collectible pin celebrating the comic book legend and the city that never sleeps. Fans can also score reward points for their Sideshow account during the event, meaning there are plenty of chances to collect throughout the convention.

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Sideshow New York Con offers fans a chance to engage closely with their favorite products, artists, and fandoms without lines, crowds, or taxis- the only traffic here is web traffic! Access to Sideshow’s full convention experience has never been easier with comprehensive product livestreams, as well as creator interviews, up-to-the-minute reveals and announcements, and other content features that bring all of the news right to you from October 6-11.

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And here are a few highlights of the DEALS from their big NYCC SALE:

Batman (Noir) – $25.00 off with code NOIRBATS

The Punisher Premium Format – $50.00 off with code PUNISH

Kidpool Premium Format – $20.00 off with code KIDPOOL

Alien Warrior: Mythos – $80.00 off with code ALIENMYTHOS

Guru del Toro: Maestro of Monsters – $10.00 off with code GURU

Classic Dracula Life-Size Bust – $50.00 off with code DRACBUST

Alien Pulse Rifle – $40.00 off with code PULSE

Bandit Gremlin – 10% off with code BANDIT


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