Mortal Kombat Writer Wants to Turn Far Cry 3 Into a Movie

While the world awaits the first trailer of 2021’s Mortal Kombat reboot, writer Greg Russo has revealed the video game adaptation he would love to put his hand to. In answering a question from a curious fan on social media, Russo disclosed that he would love to pen the script for a big-screen take on the video game franchise Far Cry, specifically 2012’s Far Cry 3, even calling out the game’s developers.

“Far Cry 3. No question. One of the best games ever made, and I’ve completed all of them. How bout it Ubisoft?”

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Far Cry 3 was commended for its tightly written story and stylish presentation, with the open-world first-person shooter going on to win a variety of industry awards. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, Far Cry 3 is set on a tropical island called the Rook Islands. The video game follows the protagonist, Jason Brody, a young American man who is trying to save his imprisoned friends and escape the hostile islands after a vacation gone wrong. He gets involved with the Rakyat, the native people of the island, and in return for their assistance, sets out to help them reclaim the island from pirates and privateer invaders.

Considering the open-world element of Far Cry, it would be interesting to know how Greg Russo would approach the material. While the characters and overall story and setting lend themselves well to an adaptation, capturing the video game atmosphere itself would be a challenging endeavor. Russo clearly has an affinity for developing video game adaptations with the writer currently working on Saints Row and Space Invaders in addition to Mortal Kombat.

Whether Ubisoft gives Russo the opportunity to adapt Far Cry 3 remains to be seen, but for now audiences and video game enthusiasts still have the Mortal Kombat reboot to look forward to. Directed by Simon McQuoid from a screenplay by Russo and Dave Callaham and a story by Oren Uziel and Russo, the movie will feature a host of classic characters including Ludi Lin as Liu Kang, Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero, Tadanobu Asano as Raiden, Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade, and Mehcad Brooks as Jackson “Jax” Briggs.

Actor Lewis Tan, who is set to star in the movie in an undisclosed role, has revealed some tantalizing details regarding the reboot’s inclusion of the beloved fatality moves, famous for their brutal violence. “Let me just say this, there were some days on set that I felt sick,” Tan said recently. “I’m not kidding. They did not… They did not hold back.”

Based on the ridiculously over-the-top violence of fatality moves in Mortal Kombat, you would think that the production was relying on special effects to bring them to bloody life, but according to producer Todd Garner, they are using practical effects instead. “I can say for sure that the fatalities that we’re gonna put into the film are from the game,” Garner said previously. “We’re not going to come up with some new things that we haven’t seen before, but at the same time, if we’re going to do it to use that device, we want to make sure that it’s not just in there just to be in there and have that point to the story,” he explained. “So everything will always have that point to what’s happening in the story, that it will feel awesome and badass, but it’s going to play a role, you know, it’s not just going to be there just to be showy.”

Mortal Kombat is currently still on schedule and is set to premiere in theaters on January 15, 2021. This comes to us from Greg Russo’s official Twitter account.

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