Corey Feldman Goes In-Depth on My Truth Impact, Surviving Covid & Future Music Plans [Exclusive]

Corey Feldman has had a tumultuous summer. He’s also on record as calling the past four months some of the best he’s ever experienced. Though he has been quarantined with his family during this time of worldwide crisis, he has felt a sense of safety and calm being away from the spotlight. Now, he has returned to promote a new relaunch of his captivating and important expose on child abuse in the entertainment industry. (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys is now streaming with Spanish subtitles and closed captioning. Not just for the hearing impaired, but also so parents can watch without subjecting their young kids to some of the adult themes in the movie. We spoke to Corey over Zoom, which you can check out below.

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Corey Feldman returned to the United States recently, after being locked out of the country back in March due to the pandemic. He has now escaped to an undisclosed location somewhere in the world, still worried that the aftermath of his documentary may cause harmful repercussions. We were lucky enough to catch up with the legendary actor, whose main goal at the moment is advocating for children in the industry. He had a lot to say about the saga behind releasing his important and sometimes shocking documentary.

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Corey Feldman was also wrapped in a SAG controversy that still has him quite angry. He talks in-depth about what exactly happened, and why it proves to be so damaging to the cause he is fighting for. The ’80s icon also revealed for the first time that he and his wife, Courtney Anne, have survived Covid-19 after testing positive for the disease some months ago. The pair are doing well, and appear to be happy and healthy despite the tsunami of strange things that continue happening to them.

Corey Feldman spent nearly 10 years trying to bring his truth to the screen. The documentary took three years in total to produce. Once finished, Feldman held a world premiere in Hollywood that went off the rails as the streaming portion of his planned event came under a DOS attack. Speaking with Feldman, he graciously takes us through his thoughts during that tumultuous moment, which proved to be the last Hollywood premiere held leading into the summer movie season.

Throughout his conversation with Paulington James Christensen III, Corey Feldman touches on many important subjects, dispelling rumors and reanalyzing the truth of what has happened in the wake of the documentary’s release. Corey also breaks down what is currently going on with his music career and where he plans to go now that his opus is finally finished and out in the world.

In March, Corey Feldman released his long-awaited documentary (My Truth): The Rape of Two Coreys, detailing the sexual abuse that he and Corey Haim suffered as children in Hollywood. Despite the many obstacles he has faced including having to self-distribute this film, facing a huge disruption of service, losing large sums of money due to pirating and being forced to step down from his position on the board of Sexual Harassment at SAG, Feldman refuses to be silent. Not only has he fought to keep his documentary streaming, he has added Spanish subtitles and Closed Captions for those who are hearing impaired. Tickets can be purchased at My Truth.

Feldman states, “For months many of my fans, victims of sexual abuse and individuals wanting to hear my story, have asked if we could provide subtitles in order to make this film accessible to those who speak different languages and those who are hearing impaired. It is very important to me that anyone who wishes to experience this film is able to do so and I will continue to do everything in my power to make it as inclusive as possible. In a time where platforms like Netflix are promoting films like Cuties, it’s even more important to learn about how we can protect children. I will never stop fighting for #Kids2 and the right for all victims to seen, heard and included in this important discussion.”

My Truth is helmed by award winning director Brian Herzlinger (My Date with Drew) and features interviews with many of The Two Corey’s friends and co-stars including Keith Coogan (Adventures in Babysitting, The Fox & The Hound), Jamison Newlander (The Lost Boys) the late Kristoff St. John (Bad News Bears, The Young & The Restless), as well as an exclusive interview with Disney star and childhood sexual assault survivor Ricky Garcia, who recently came forward about his own abuse as a teen star in the industry. Corey serves as National Ambassador for Child USA and has worked tirelessly alongside them to change laws and abolish the statutes of limitations on crimes of sexual abuse.

Corey hopes his Truth will continue to serve as a call to action so that justice can finally be served, and children can finally be protected. The topper photo used for this story is credited to Per Lind.

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