Snoke’s True Origins Explored and Officially Clarified in New Star Wars Book

Snoke’s backstory is fleshed out in a new Star Wars book. When a new Star Wars trilogy was announced, fans were excited to see who the main villain was going to be. With 2015’s The Force Awakens, we were introduced to Kylo Ren and the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke. Over the course of two movies, fans were trying to nail down Snoke’s origins, but were only given little bits of official information. Everything changed when The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters and fans learned that Emperor Palpatine had been the one behind the First Order and Snoke from the start.

Fans were shocked to learn that Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, was coming back and The Rise of Skywalker didn’t really provide any answers as to how he was able to survive after Return of Jedi. That information has since been revealed in various books and supplemental material. However, Snoke’s story came to a screeching halt. Thankfully, The Star Wars Book, which comes out on October 20th, is here to shed some more light on Snoke. You can read a portion from the book below.

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“It’s possible Snoke himself may not know his true nature. Snoke is a strandcast — an artificial genetic construct concocted by the resurrected Darth Sidious to be his proxy in power. Snoke has free will, but his actions and goals are still orchestrated by Sidious.”

The Rise of Skywalker showed us that clones of Snoke were being made on Exegol, but no other explanation was given. Knowing that the character had free will makes it seem like Palpatine wasn’t pulling the strings the entire time and that the villain still had great power on his own dealing with Kylo Ren. The book goes on to say, “Through Snoke, Sidious sidesteps the tradition of a dark-side apprentice slaying his master to ascend, which happens when Kylo Ren betrays Snoke and slices him in two.”

The Star Wars Book

The Star Wars Book basically cleans up some things that have been deemed to be plot holes by hardcore fans, and it stretches across the entire Skywalker Saga, not just the latest trilogy. While this officially puts theories about Snoke to rest, there will likely be more theories about him now. One popular theory that was floating around back in September tried to state that Palpatine didn’t literally “make” Snoke, only that he was extremely influenced by his master. That has now been officially debunked, which should have made sense nearly a year ago when seeing the Snoke body parts floating around in the filthy aquariums of Exegol.

For many Star Wars fans, Snoke was a missed opportunity and almost a waste. For others, he served his purpose in setting up The Rise of Skywalker after Rian Johnson made The Last Jedi. Whatever the case may be, we finally have a small bit of new information about the villain and his origins. You can check out a screen shot from The Star Wars Book above, thanks to Old Man Binks’ Twitter account.

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